Prove All Things;
Hold Fast that which is Good"

(1 Thess. 5:21)

There still exists a group of people who believe everything that the Bible teaches, who trust completely that the Bible is infallible, and who deny that man has the right to alter what God has written for our learning and obedience.

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What is the meaning of "Christadelphian"? (1)

It means brother or relative of Christ. It is the name of Christ and the Greek word for brother put into one.

Who is a brother or relative of Christ? (2)

He who performs the will of God.

What is the will of God that we should do? (3)

That we believe in His Son Jesus Christ and keep His commandments.

Who is it that has given the name "Christ's Brethren" to those who do the will of God? (4)

It is Christ himself who has done so.

Why are the brethren of Christ called Christadelphian in our day instead of Christian? (5)

Because multitudes are called Christian who do not believe the truth concerning Christ or obey his commandments. It has become, in fact, the name for a system of fable and error that has risen up in the world in the place of truth, in fulfillment of the predictions of the apostles. Therefore, to be known as a "Christian" is not to be known as a believer of the truth.